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When looking for a garage door, you want one that offers numerous advantages, like remaining weather‑tight, providing durability, and being eco‑friendly too. We at Overhead Door of Nova Scotia can help you will all of that. We have a variety of door styles ranging from traditional to country and everything in between. We can ensure you find the right garage door for your home.


When you need garage door repair service for your door

We want to provide the best customer experience here at Overhead Door of Nova Scotia. That’s why we have a dedicated team of employees who will ensure end‑to‑end quality. We work hard to offer the best garage door repair in Halifax on any garage door and garage door opener brand. And we offer the best in installation too.

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In Halifax, NS we have qualified installers

We have been working with Garaga for years, and that means both our technicians and installers have skills and expertise needed to ensure the whole installation process goes smoothly every time a customer comes to us. We also offer the best in garage door quality as well.

Ready to design your dream garage door?

One thing we know for certain at Overhead Door of Nova Scotia is that the garage door is very important to the look of the home. Both we and Garaga work to ensure you can get the best possible door so that you will enjoy it for years to come.

Our Design Centre is just for you. It offers the chance to design a garage door that will work perfectly in your home. When you use this tool, you can choose a door model from the many options we have available, and then pick the colour as well as additions like windows and door knockers.

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Standard+ Classic CC, Standard+ North Hatley LP and Cambridge CL garage doors

Why Garaga doors are the most recommended in Halifax, NS

If your are buying a new garage door, we have expert advice to help

When you start looking for a new garage door, you may get overwhelmed by all the products available. Don’t worry! We have many years of experience with garage doors and we will help you buy with confidence. Here at Overhead Door of Nova Scotia, we have trained employees who will advise you on choosing the right door based on your budget, preference, and needs too. We will always make sure you have the right option and we will even explain the different possibilities in terms of products, insulation, and accessories that you could choose.

The most recommended garage door opener in Halifax, NS: LiftMasterTM

We want to always offer the best products available here at Overhead Door of Nova Scotia. That is why we look for products that are safe, durable, and efficient in build. And, we know that LiftMaster garage door openers are the perfect choice.

LiftMaster garage door openers do much more than just make that door go up and down. They are designed to be safe and reliable so that the door works when it needs to and never puts anyone in danger. Thanks to Internet technology, you will even be able to control your garage door with your smartphone or tablet even when you are away from home.

Qualified repairmen for your garage door repairs in Halifax

Garages serve the main purpose of allowing us to park our cars. And that means we open and close that garage door many times throughout the day, whether in a vehicle or on foot. You need to make sure it is safe and working properly too. That’s why we recommend our customers have their operating system checked regularly.

Here at Overhead Door of Nova Scotia, we have garage door specialists in Halifax, NS who will help you. We offer a 10‑point maintenance program to look after your garage door. We will do a complete visual inspection. Then, we will lubricate as needed and do minor adjustments too. That way, you can have peace of mind knowing the door is working the right way.

Driving directions

Pointer Map-A Halifax, NS
Drive 11.7 km, 18 min
Take Angus L. Macdonald Bridge / Macdonald Bridge, Woodland Ave, NS‑118 N and Wright Ave to Wilkinson Ave in Burnside, Dartmouth 9.5 km / 14 min
1. Head north on Barrington St toward Duke St 350 m
2. Continue onto Upper Water St 500 m
3. Turn right onto Barrington St 550 m
4. Use the right lane to merge onto Angus L. Macdonald Bridge / Macdonald Bridge via the ramp to Dartmouth - Toll road. Parts of this road may be closed at certain times or days 1.9 km
5. Continue onto Nantucket Ave (signs for NS‑107 / NS‑118 / Nantucket Avenue) - Partial toll road. Parts of this road may be closed at certain times or days 450 m
6. Turn left onto Marine Dr / Victoria Rd / NS‑322 N (signs for NS‑111 / NS‑118 / Burnside / Bedford / Truro / Eastern Shore / NS‑107) 700 m
7. Turn right onto Woodland Ave 2.1 km
8. Continue onto NS‑118 N 1.3 km
9. Take exit 12 for Wright Avenue 550 m
10. Use any lane to turn left onto Wright Ave 1.1 km
Take Angus L. Macdonald Bridge / Macdonald Bridge, Woodland Ave, NS‑118 N and Wright Ave to Wilkinson Ave in Burnside, Dartmouth 9.5 km / 14 min
11. Turn right onto Wilkinson Ave 1.2 km
12. Turn right onto Cutler Ave 900 m
13. Turn right onto Higney Ave - Destination will be on the right 180 m
Pointer Map-B 101‑420 Higney Ave, Dartmouth, NS B3B 0L4

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