We’re experts in commercial and industrial garage overhead doors; this is how we can help you…

Industry‑leading experience in commercial and industrial doors

At Overhead Door of Nova Scotia, situated in Dartmouth, it is our business to meet your customer’s requirements for any garage door‑related product. We do not limit this only to overhead sectional doors either.

Before beginning your next job, get in contact with us so we can better understand your customer’s exact requirements. Depending on the type of property and the scope of work being completed there, we can guide you to the products that we feel are the best solution for your customer.

We provide solid advice at every step, from the beginning stages of the job and its requirements, through to the actual install and the final touches.

Making the right choice: Simple steps to success

In the beginning, it might be difficult to decide on the best industrial or commercial overhead door. Our goal is to make this decision easier. A wise decision is the one that conforms to the manner in which the door will be used. Spending a lot of money for a door may not be the best move. Not spending enough can result in troubling and costly repairs.

Follow this guide:

  1. Select the overhead door that is best suited to your customer’s need.
  2. Select the door system that matches the degree of durability your customer needs. This will depend upon the dimensions of the garage door, the material that it is comprised of and the number of times it will be opened and closed every day.
  3. Choose the proper garage door opener and safety items.
  4. Finally, select the kind of windows your customer desires and needs.

Preventive maintenance: it’s vital!

We also have a program of planned preventive maintenance that will maintain the best operation of your garage door and keep service downtime at bay since 1956.

Think about an overhead door, or any other kind of garage door, as another important component of your customer’s project. Selecting the right quality parts and products, making sure the installation is completed by qualified installers, and getting regular inspections of any garage door will ensure that your customer saves time and money in the long run.

Our professional installers

As professionals in Garaga commercial and industrial overhead doors, we have a great deal of experience and tremendous knowledge of these types of doors. We understand and take great pride in our business, and we guarantee our results. We serve Mainland Nova Scotia, Halifax, Dartmouth, Chester, Lunenburg, Bridgewater, Truro, New Glasgow, Wolfville, Windsor and Kentville.

You always want to select parts relative to the sturdiness necessary for the project. This will help you stay away from unforeseen repairs and even emergency calls! The correct selection is the overhead door designed to be used as it was intended. To help you decide, we have created a scale to ascertain the degree of sturdiness required: light duty, heavy duty, and super heavy duty.

At Overhead Door of Nova Scotia, it is our constant goal to find new opportunities to assist and support architects and builders in Dartmouth and the neighboring regions. Call us now at 1-800-561-7555 or fill out our online form to get a free quote.

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