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Energy‑saving garage doors in Kentville, NS

Every single day, the sun beats down on your garage door. After a few years of this kind of exposure and damage, your door can start to look really cheap. At Overhead Door of Nova Scotia, our high quality garage doors continue to look shiny and new for years and years.


Quality repair services in Kentville, NS

Accidents happen all the time, and sometimes your garage door can get damaged in the process. With our thorough maintenance check, our technicians can ensure that your garage door is working properly and that all of the parts and components are in place and aligned correctly.

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Expert installers work hard to exceed your expectations

At Overhead Door of Nova Scotia, we don’t just hire technicians – we ensure that our employees are true garage door specialists. With years of experience with precise installations and repairs, they have the expertise you need to get the very best services for your garage doors. They’re the best in the business!

Our Design Centre lets you explore endless possibilities

At Overhead Door of Nova Scotia, we will always provide you with all of the information you need to make the best decision for your new garage door. And, with our Design Centre, you can create your own customized garage door to fit your home’s architecture and style, all with just a few clicks!

Use the Design Centre to choose from a wide variety of styles, models, dimensions, colours, windows, decorative hardware, and other accessories.

But don’t take our word for it! See what you can create right now!

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Standard+ Classic CC, Standard+ North Hatley LP and Cambridge CL garage doors

Why Garaga doors are the most recommended in Kentville, NS

Garage doors to match your personal taste

You don’t buy a new garage door every year. This is a purchase you only make once in about 25 years, so you want to make sure that you make the right decision. But – with so many models, colours, and accessories to choose from – the options can be overwhelming. That’s why we employ garage door specialists to help and advise you throughout the purchasing process.

Let us make choosing a garage door the easiest decision you’ve ever made, with expert recommendations and precise attention to detail.

LiftMasterTM - a garage door opener you can trust

At Overhead Door of Nova Scotia, we only offer the safest, most efficient, and most durable products for your garage doors. That’s why we carry LiftMaster garage door openers. The best garage door opener brand on the market, LiftMaster will exceed all of your requirements.

You can rely on LiftMaster garage door openers for their strong, durable motors so that you never have to do any heavy lifting with your garage door again. With LiftMaster, you can rest assured that your family is safe and secure because your garage door will always be firmly and properly shut.

Get help from expert garage door specialists

Whether your door is making odd noises or you’ve just noticed that something looks a little bit out of place, call on Overhead Door of Nova Scotia to check out your garage door system. Our employees are dedicated, hardworking garage door specialists who are committed to customer service.

Having a problem with your garage door? Contact us, and we will promptly send our best workers to solve the problem for you. They’ll gladly explain the situation to you, repair or replace any damaged or malfunctioning parts, and ensure that your garage door is working perfectly.

Driving directions

Pointer Map-A Kentville, NS
Drive 99.9 km, 1h06
Get on NS‑101 E in Kings, Subd. C from Evangeline Trail / Nova Scotia Trunk 1 E and New Minas Connector Rd 4.4 km / 5 min
1. Head southeast on Evangeline Trail / Main St / Park St / Nova Scotia Trunk 1 E toward Cornwallis St - Continue to follow Evangeline Trail / Nova Scotia Trunk 1 E 2.3 km
2. Turn right onto New Minas Connector Rd (signs for NS‑101) 1.6 km
3. Continue onto New Canaan Rd 87 m
4. Turn left to merge onto NS‑101 E toward Windsor / Halifax 400 m
Follow NS‑101 E to Bedford Bypass E in Lower Sackville. Take exit 1F from NS‑101 E 82.6 km / 47 min
5. Merge onto NS‑101 E 81.9 km
6. Take exit 1F toward NS‑7 / Dartmouth 700 m
Continue on Bedford Bypass E. Take Nova Scotia Trunk 7 E and Akerley Blvd to Higney Ave in Burnside, Dartmouth 12.9 km / 14 min
7. Continue onto Bedford Bypass E 3.7 km
8. Merge onto Nova Scotia Trunk 7 E 3.0 km
9. Use the left 2 lanes to turn left onto Akerley Blvd (signs for Akerley Boulevard) 2.9 km
10. Turn right onto John Savage Ave 550 m
11. Turn left onto Jennett Ave 900 m
12. Turn left onto Wilkinson Ave 700 m
13. Turn right onto Cutler Ave 900 m
14. Turn right onto Higney Ave - Destination will be on the right 180 m
Pointer Map-B 101‑420 Higney Ave, Dartmouth, NS B3B 0L4

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